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Nuclear News
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US conversion plant gears up for next 40 years

Kazatomprom put health before profit during pandemic, says Pirmatov

TRISO fuel made in Canada for first time

Regulator bans fuel loading at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa

IAEA's presence is expanding, says Grossi

Fukushima Daiichi water to be discharged into sea

Cameco buoyed by global interest in nuclear

USA preparing to lead advanced nuclear fuel supply, says Korsnick

USA awards space propulsion contracts

Russia's tallest cooling tower enters next construction phase

Hunterston B cleared for six months of operation

Nuclear power can help raise climate ambitions

Plant upgrades ensure continued TRIGA fuel supply

Canadian uranium mine and mill to resume operation

TAE reaches 'hot enough' plasma milestone

Estonia to assess adoption of nuclear energy

Fennovoima maintains 2021 goal for Hanhikivi construction licence

Russia transports first RPV for Kursk VVER-TOI plant

NGOs call for nuclear's inclusion in EU taxonomy

Framatome to provide outage services to Dominion fleet

UAE's first nuclear unit starts commercial operation

Japan's JGC invests in NuScale Power

Partnership formed for advanced reactor deployment in Washington State

Ministers gear up for COP26

Study highlights benefits of SMRs to Canadian industries

US scientists introduce new fusion reactor concept

US President includes nuclear in American Jobs Plan

Niger uranium mine ends operations after 47 years

IEA unveils 7 key principles for net zero

Construction starts on second phase of Changjiang plant

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