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Nuclear News
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Operator to decide on Taishan 1 outage, says EDF

Second Korean investment in a week for NuScale SMR

Zhangzhou 1 pressure vessel passes factory acceptance tests

Scaled down SMR pilot project remains on course

Rosatom confirms reliability of new VVER-440 fuel

Framatome advanced fuel technology reaches regulatory milestone

Tepco anticipates delay in Kashiwazaki-Kariwa restart

US study sees future markets for microreactors

Italians do not rule out future use of nuclear energy

US benchmarking study reflects decarbonisation efforts

Integrity tests completed at Fuqing 6

New uranium fund begins trading

Illinois plants mark reliability milestone

Sustainable recovery receiving 'inadequate attention', says IEA

Doosan makes additional investment in NuScale

Egyptian-Russian officials inspect El Dabaa plant site

IAEA reviews long-term safety of Bulgarian plant

Energy permit granted for second Slovenian reactor

US infrastructure bill sends a positive signal for nuclear, says NIA

Kairos Power plans Hermes demonstration reactor at Oak Ridge

Canadian firm enters US uranium sector with mine purchases

GE commits to net zero, GEH creates SMR jobs

Oklo to power Bitcoin mining machines

Viewpoint: Nuclear's transformative role in delivering net zero

Emissions set to rise with growth in coal use, says IEA

Nuclear answers the open questions of Fit for 55, says Foratom

Reactor disassembly work completed at Bruce 6

Fuel loading under way at Korean APR-1400

UK cross-sector report plans zero-carbon hydrogen from nuclear

NASA selects reactor concepts for deep space exploration

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