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Nuclear News
Nuclear News
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Westinghouse forms strategic partnerships with Polish firms

Finland's Posiva to support Lithuania used fuel disposal

New method for decontamination

Deal signed for nuclear to power Russian gold mine

Hungarian nuclear degree's first for IAEA review

Escape room enhances emergency response training

Rosatom signs agreement on possible new reactors for Armenia

OKG signs hydrogen supply contract

'Telexistence' contest for UK nuclear decommissioning

US national labs support international waste disposal research

Assystem joins HPC Commissioning Alliance

EDF considers next move after French government's energy sale plan

Bruce project is key to Ontario economic recovery

Lithuania to tackle Soviet-era waste store

Another GDF community partnership forms in Cumbria

Belgian regulator says reactors could operate beyond 2025

Regulator authorises expansion of Canadian mill tailings facility

Decree allows further development at Russian ISL project

Core catcher casing in place at Xudabao 3 and Tianwan 7

Brazil looks to nuclear expansion

Slovenia sets date to exit coal

Hanhikivi 1 licensing work nears completion

Koeberg offline for replacement of steam generators

Supply chain challenges remain as Kazakh emergency ends

IEA praises Canada clean energy transition efforts

Nuclear technique cuts mosquito numbers in Cuban trial

UK minister talks up Hinkley Point C progress

Slovenian study sees case for deep borehole disposal

Latest Kudankulam components in preparation

Kotin elaborates Ukraine's AP1000 plans

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