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Nuclear News
Nuclear News
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UK firm plans wind-SMR hybrid system with NuScale

India produces first indigenous eye cancer treatment

Belarusian unit brought to 100% capacity

US environmental cleanup mission shares 2020 scorecard

US grant made for Romanian SMR siting assessment

NWMO on track to start first borehole at South Bruce

The real challenges to nuclear are external, says panel

US order promotes SMRs for space exploration and defenceuse

First turbine module delivered for Akkuyu plant

Safety upgrades completed at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 7

NuScale and UAMPS agreements progress plans for SMR plant

IEA to release roadmap for clean energy transition

DOE unveils strategy for US nuclear science and technology

Final major contracts signed for Iter Tokamak Complex assembly

IAEA confined to 'piecemeal' updates from Iran, says Grossi

Indian reactor connected to the grid

UK HPR1000 design opened for public comment

UK makes COP26 president a full-time role

Second Fuqing Hualong One reactor completes cold tests

Khmelnitsky expansion part of European 'renaissance', says Energoatom chief

Nuclear stands out as clean, dispatchable firm power, says Kwarteng

Ranger mine ends processing operations

European organisation launched for cooperation in waste disposal

Japanese industry leaders call for nuclear restarts

FDA approves novel non-uranium Mo-99 production process

IAEA announces innovation in tsetse fly control

E3 warn of risk from Iran's uranium enrichment

Ukraine's Zaporozhe 5 clear to operate until 2030

No increase in Tihange 2 hydrogen flakes

NGOs urge EU Commission to value nuclear energy

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