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Nuclear News
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Russia commissions floating NPP

Energy Fuels looks to rare earths to enhance White Mesa operations

Atommash completes core barrel for Rooppur-1 RPV

Ontario supply chain delivers for COVID-19 response

US senators urge extension to uranium import quota

Small reactors feasible in Puerto Rico, study concludes

Ukraine pushes storage facility completion to end-September

Nuclear regulators examine response to pandemic

Ukraine passes bill to secure Euratom loan

Final Barakah unit completes cold testing

US uranium output falls 89% in 2019

Leningrad II-2 start-up postponed to April 2021

IAEA commends French nuclear waste programme

NIASA sets out funding options for South African new build

Novovoronezh II-1 passes load following checks

Norwegian reactor dismantling to cost almost USD2 billion

SFEN: Nuclear essential to economic recovery

X-energy TRISO-X fuel to be irradiated at MIT

US DOE launches advanced reactor demonstration programme

Tepco prepares to survey Fukushima Daiichi unit 2 fuel pool

Major component installed at Vogtle 3

Hydrostatic testing completed at Leningrad II-2 cooling tower

Regulator confirms safety of Japanese reprocessing plant

Rosatom joins RPV halves for Rooppur unit 1

Euratom report focuses on security of fuel supply

IAEA's COVID-19 funding reaches EUR22 million

USA plans revival of uranium sector

ORNL developing 3D-printed nuclear microreactor

South Africa announces roadmap for new build

Cameco to resume operation of Ontario facilities

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