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How to Work Effectively With a Search Firm

How to Work Effectively With a Search Firm
Gilbert Consulting Services, Inc.
How to Work Effectively With a Recruiter to Enhance Your Career
Working with a Recruiter can help you achieve you career goals faster.   A top recruiter can help you improve your position, compensation, job satisfaction and career advancement potential. The recruiter can bring you directly to the attention of senior hiring managers, keep you informed of positions that meet your specific “career criteria” and make you aware of “hidden jobs” that you would never have otherwise heard about.  
The following tips will help you get the most out of the relationship you have with your Recruiter:
1.     Find a Recruiter that is an Expert in YOUR Industry: All recruiters specialize in a specific industry. For the recruiter to be effective you must find a recruiter that is a specialist in your industry that you are comfortable with.
2.     Confidential: The conversations between you and your recruiter must be confidential. The information exchanged (both ways) must not be shared with any other person unless mutually agreed upon.
3.     Be Honest:  All information you share with your recruiter must be 100% accurate. Do not exaggerate compensation, duties, titles, degrees etc. This is certain to ruin your relationship with the recruiter.
4.     Be Ethical:  (Do we really have to say this?)
a.      Do not use the recruiter to position yourself for a counteroffer. See The counteroffer section
b.     Share any relevant “Skeletons” in your closet with the recruiter.
c.     It’s a small industry, your word and reputation must be stellar.
5.     Talk Your Career Plans Over With Your Spouse and Family:
a.     Get them involved and on-board early in the process.
6.     Don’t Waste the Recruiters Time:
a.     The Recruiters time is valuable - don’t send the recruiter on a wild goose chase if you are not serious and committed to making a career move.
7.     Cooperate: To be effective, your recruiter will request certain personal information, professional references, career accomplishments, and other information. Inability to provide this information in a timely manner is a RED FLAG to a recruiter that you are not serious about making a move. 
8.     Have Realistic Career Expectations:
a.      Job Title & Duties.
b.     Compensation Requirements (typically 5-10% increase).
c.     Start Date (typically 2-weeks from offer acceptance).
9.     Communicate: Timely communication is vital for an effective hiring process. 
a.      Return voice messages and e-mails from your recruiter ASAP.
b.     Communicate with your recruiter immediately after interviews.
c.     Do NOT disappear at critical decision making times!
10.   Do What You Say You Will Do: The process of working with a recruiter is one of mutual commitments. You can say “NO” at anytime in the placement process, BUT if you say “YES” and make a commitment to the company and recruiter follow through and stick with your decision.  
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