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The Dangers of Posting Your Resume on the Internet

The Dangers of Posting Your Resume on the Internet
  1. You loose control of your resume as it is virtually in “cyberspace” forever, even if you only use one resume posting “service.” It is common knowledge that many resume posting services download every resume into THEIR database for their own use and/or sell to other “services” and employment firms.
  2. Your Resume could end up on your employer’s desk years from now, putting you in a position that could jeopardize your career path. Boy! Will you have a lot of explaining to do! Or, perhaps you may be passed up for a promotion or training classes that could be valuable to your career growth, and you may never know.
  3. A candidate that has posted their resume on the Internet, on average, will be sent to the same company three to four times. If a hiring authority believes that the candidate is outstanding, and would indeed wish to interview the candidate the hiring authority will not do so due to the risk of getting into a fee dispute with several recruiters.
  4. If an employer receives your resume from several sources, it could send the message that you are desperate, which could bring your value down, and generate a lower compensation package.
  5. Many employers are very reluctant to hear someone that has posted their resume on the Internet, as they are concerned that should they hire you, that you are only accepting the position until something better comes along.
  6. You have no idea who has downloaded your resume. Many companies hire minimum wage employees to download resumes that are posted on the Internet into their database.
  7. There are many unscrupulous employment firms that will download your resume to send to every company they have on file. Again, you have no idea where your resume has been sent!
  8. You may have difficulty in getting quality representation from Executive Recruiters, as they would have no idea where your resume has been sent and/or downloaded. An attempt to market your skills could be a “duplication of efforts” on the part of the recruiter.
In all the years we have been in business, we have heard very few success stories from candidates who have posted their resumes on the Internet. However, we have heard of an enormous amount of horror stories. Frankly, we cannot think of one positive reason to post one’s resume on the Internet.
If you wish to have the greatest success in a job search, choose two or three excellent recruiters that are well networked in your industry. Also, make sure your recruiter is capable of marketing your skill sets and recognizing a good corporate culture match. Choosing the right representation is as critical to your career as choice of position. NEVER SPAM YOUR RESUME!
“The Fordyce Letter 2/02”
Wayne Wedderien

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